About Us

Welcome to the Nurture-Hub

Please contact us for information on how to access support during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay at home=Stay safe. If you are a frontline worker and cannot stay at home, we thank you and may you be safe.

The Nurture-Hub is an inclusive space, offering evidence based interventions on an individual or group basis, to help alleviate suffering, promote healing and support thriving.  Our wish is for everyone to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

The Nurture-Hub provide education, support and skills training to build resilience and reduce training.

Our Vision: To build a welcoming, friendly and inclusive, community where people from all walks of life come for nurture and sustainance.


  • prices range from £50-£150 per session on sliding scale (based on income).
  • Free 1/2 hour telephone consultation (and signposting) available on Thursdays- 10-12, and on Saturdays 3-5.
  • To Book, please phone: 07540051954, email: info@nurture-hub.org  or txt on.

The Nurture-Hub also provides some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for limited interventions including trauma (Post traumatic Stress/Disorders), trauma from childhood adversity and abuse, Generalised anxiety (worry problems) and for Building Self Esteem (self confidence).

The Nurture-Hub has expertise of working with people experiencing discrimination due to gender/sexuality, race, faith, limitation in abilities or belonging to any other marginalised groups.

The Nurture-Hub recognises that groups which experience barriers to accessing evidence based interventions are often the ones which need it most. This is due to the experience of marginalisation (as unconscious bias, conscious bias or structural bias) and its impact on wellbeing. This is why the services are offered at affordable prices with bursaries available.

Our Mission

In unbalanced world, people who experience adversity are more likely to experience difficulties throughout the lifespan. Adversity limits flourishing. Our aim is to help you to maintain your balance in unbalanced world to help you to flourish.

Get in Touch with us

We always like to hear from visitors to our site, so if you would like to send us a message, or have any questions about the services we provide, please complete the form below and we will be back in touch with you as soon as we can.