Join us for free yoga and mindfulness sessions

Yoga and mindfulness to build resilience, reduce stress and manage emotional distress.

These feelings are normal. In times of stress these feelings can overwhelm us leading to overthinking, worrying, avoiding people and can tip us into depression and/or anxiety.

The Nurture-Hub is an inclusive space, offering a listening ear, support, social, understanding and a range of  physical, social and psychological services proven to help you to bounce back, stay strong and manage the difficulties. We believe that wellbeing needs the right attention to help us to stay healthy, manage stress, relax and tune into our inner compassion and healing.  Our wish is for everyone to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

Wellbeing, attending to health
Black woman practicing wellbeing and self care

Yoga- Saturdays 12-13:30

Gentle Mindful Meditation class Tuesdays 19:00-19:45

Finding our place in the world is much harder for some than others. But we can get help and support through mentorship, social support, therapy, wellbeing exercises and minding ourselves.

Our Mission

In unbalanced world, people who experience adversity are more likely to experience difficulties throughout the lifespan. Adversity limits flourishing. Our aim is to help you to maintain your balance in unbalanced world to help you to flourish.

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