Our classes are designed to build resilience through yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, coaching and therapy. The ability to “bounce back” following a stressful event can take a knock if we have too many problems at the same time.

Our 200,000 year old Brain has evolved to survive. And so, as the global pandemic takes hold of our world, we are reminded of our limitations. As our government prepares a stadium which less than two weeks ago was hosting dancing festival to be a hospital, we can but wonder at the infinite power of the universe and our vulnerability.

So fear is our innate response when we feel overwhelmed and underprepared. And yet, the contagion of fear leading to hate and division is more likely to add to the chaos than wisdom, compassion and kindness. So if you are reading this, stop, pause and  breath….listen to the sounds of nature and  know that this too will pass. I invite you to choose to focus on gratitude if, like me you have a warm bed, settee  and a kettle. Even if we cannot go out, we can send compassion to those in our streets who are not so lucky, or those far away living in refugee camps or in slums, where there is no running water to wash hands or a kettle to make a cup of tea.

Our moods change, so do our needs

As we anchor down and wait to learn how to fight coronavirus, let us join in a universal mindfulness practice uniting all the different parts of our human family. If you are of faith, remember our human family in your prayers.

Below are links to online resources, including virtual groups, available for free, to support you at this difficult time.

  • May you be safe and protected
  • May your family be safe, protected and at peace
  • May our Nation be safe and protected
  • May our world find safety and peace in these turbulent times.
  • Wishing you peace and love.

5 ways to nurture yourself during covid-19.

Mindfulness and compassion – visit the Covid-19 for more resources

Keeping busy- planning a range of activities and mixing pleasurable activities with routine/chores helps to maintain wellbeing.

Being kind

Keeping a healthy sleep routine

Social contact- talking to others, especially on things that are scary can help to process your experiences instead of holding onto them..