ALLYSHIP and INCLUSIVITY (5 ways to protect yourself against bullying and discrimination).

Racism, homophobia, bullying all can take their toll on your emotional wellbeing. 5 ways to protect yourself and limit the impact of microaggressions.

  1.  Tell someone- don’t bottle it in. Most major organisations run ally schemes so that you can find someone who understands and does not judge you to listen.
  2. Write it out. Journalling helps to put it on paper instead of holding it in.
  3. Practice compassion mindfulness-
  4. Do some exercise- whether it is dancing, yoga, walking or jogging- it all helps to mop up the stress hormones.
  5.  Don’t over think it. A common response when we are hurt is to go over and over in our mind- why did this happen? This can lead to the sad/angry feeling sticking more and affect your sleep, sense of peace over a much longer time.

“Being other is not a choice and is usually predetermined way before we come to this world. “

What do you think?

What support would you be willing to give as an ally to someone who is struggling with discrimination?