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If we don’t plan, we drift- when we drift we often find ourselves very far from where we wanted to go.

Recovery Planning

Saturday October 23rd and Saturday November 13th

The MindBody connection with focus on Psoa aka The Muscle of the soul and Vagus Nerve aka The Wanderer.

Our series of two workshops will focus on the concept of building on our varied and difficult experiences of  the last two years (2020 and 2021) to help us to regain our footing for 2022. After the storms, we need to manage the recovery plan to ensure that critical learning and growth come out of our experiences and to stop us getting stuck in chronic stress, in a fight/flight or freeze state.

Our plan to Recovery in 5 Steps

Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: The Why and How
Step 3: Exercise
Step 4: Sustainability
Step 5: Compassion

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Step 1: Assessment and making sense of what has happened- Our workshops will allow space to share (or not), to be with others and to tap into our common humanity. Although our experiences have been varied and the losses have been different , the experience of Covid-19 has been detrimental for each one of us. Covid-19 has had a negative impact on wellness.

Step 2: The why and how – We are going to focus on wellness, with yoga for emotional recovery structured around the main trauma muscle (psoas) and main trauma nerve (Vagus nerve). We will use empirical (science) based evidence to explore why yoga mindfulness enable us to overcome emotional distress (anxiety and depression) in order to allow healthy grieving and recovery.

Step 3: Exercise – The workshop will have a cardio workout adapted for each wonderful and unique individual, so that we can tap into that post exercise feel good factor by stimulating the stress busting endorphins.

Step 4: Sustainability- since our joints are with us for life, we will explore joint protection and develop  a sustainable routine that we are able to maintain to ensure perfect (good enough) home practice ; that we want to do and can do.

Step 5: Compassion- yoga without kindness and compassion is simply just another way to keep fit. Learning to love this body, this being becomes the first stop for learning to care for others and for our little beautiful planet.

The future is blended- it looks like our future will be online with regular workshops where we can troubleshoot and adapt our practice. The workshops will allow us to experience teaching in person, with demonstrations and corrections which can then support our online sessions. Please feel free to email me with any questions before or after our workshop.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Esther Slattery